training3I’m an author at LinkedIn with I mostly teach beginners to learn how to code, product management, and other technology topics.

Here is a summary of the courses that I currently have published or am working on at and LinkedIn.

Please note, release schedules can change and courses may get cancelled or retired. This is only a guide and does not guarantee publication.

Active Development

  • Computer Science Principles: Digital Information
  • Product Management Fundamentals
  • Learn Universal Windows App Development: The Basics
  • Learn Android App Development: The Basics
  • Learn VMWare Fusion 8: The Basics
  • Learn VMWare Workstation 12: The Basics

Future Development

  • Computer Science Principles: The Internet
  • Computer Science Principles: Programming
  • Computer Science Principles: Data
  • Learn iOS App Development: The Basics
  • Learn Unity Game Development: The Basics
  • Mobile App Development Basics

Published Courses

For a list of all of my current published courses, visit my author page at